Tuesday 1 November 2022

#coverreveal: Absolution!

If cursed is the hand that kills, then it wouldn’t matter if that same hand stole, would it?

Tulen feels doubly cursed, forced to serve the bratty princess of Impian as punishment for her crimes. When said princess embarks on a pilgrimage, Tulen grabs her only chance to offer a sacrifice at the holy city of Suci—and maybe, finally, feel clean again.

Sultan Mikal has set his face towards Suci—and certain death. Nothing about his Penance is clear, except the fact that if he fails, Terang will fall along with him.

When Tulen’s pilgrimage intersects with Sultan Mikal’s quest to fulfil the Covenant of Salt, Tulen faces a difficult dilemma: What is her absolution worth in the face of the sultanate’s very existence?


At long, long last, we're entering the last stages of publishing Absolution. And today, we reveal our stunning cover, by the outstanding Jiwosopy!

Absolution launches online on 24 November 2022!

Here's where you can currently pre-order your copy!

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Absolution (Absolution, #2)


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