Sunday 30 July 2006

a change of perspective

I thought of it once as being in the shadow of a father of faith.
I realised that it's actually more of standing on the shoulders of giants and trying to stay balanced.
Precarious, but infinitely intoxicating.

He's the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Whilst we understand Abraham and his journey of faith, as well as Jacob and his wrestling with God, we hardly realise that living as Isaac is more than it seems. It's more than merely being blessed. It's also learning how to live blessed and at peace, learning how to receive - learning to live under grace. It's understanding that God will provide, no matter how bad the circumstance appears to our eyes, and knowing when NOT to fight for our rights.
We're notoriously bad at receiving, and Isaac tells us that we can.
Like Isaac, our parents have lived a life of faith and stepped out to serve God in whatever ways they could. Like Isaac, we find ourselves standing in their shadow of faith and grace. Like Isaac, we find ourselves showered with so many gifts from God that it seems as if we will never figure out how to use each and every one of them to its full potential.
Isaac tells us we can - if we learn to rest in God, like he did.

But we don't merely stay in their shadow. We climb on their shoulders and learn to stand there, balanced, ready to reach greater heights for Him. And to be able to stand there means we must learn to hold on to Him, and cry like Jacob that we will not let Him go until He blesses us.

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