Saturday 5 November 2011

The #nanowrimo update

It's four days into #nanowrimo (well, five, if you count the fact that it's already past midnight) and I've achieved a grand total of 5,529 words. Which is not bad, since I didn't write anything on Thursday at all. (Day 4's goal was 6,666 words)

I was hoping to be something of a plotter this year, seeing that I had a story arch and all, but right now... I'm not following the plan.
I had organised the story into two parts - the first part explores Shell's prophecy, his feelings of disparateness with his own country/race and how he was captured by the Danyans. The second part jumps forward about 15 years. Shell has found his niche in the Danyan society and is one of the cream magicians (main thought: echoes of Daniel in the Bible). Then he is ordered to lead a strike against his own country. His family, what's left of it, is still there. The main thought I'm playing with at the moment is the idea of loyalty to your country. How far and how deep does it run if you've left it for so long? If you've never felt like you belonged there? Will Shell have any qualms about the attack or would he just do it?

I got stuck on Day 1 and 2 because I just couldn't get a beginning out as I had envisioned. I mean, I had this whole Chapter One is going to introduce the MC, Chapter Two is going to play up on the MC's interaction with his family/society, etc.... but I just couldn't write it.
So about 3K words into the beginning, I gave up.Today I jumped right into what I figured would be the "Part 2" of the story and wrote 2.2K words in about 2 and a half hours.
Maybe I will still write Part 1... but we'll see. If I can't find enough energy to be intersted in writing it, it probably won't be very interesting to read it either. Maybe I need to keep on writing this "meaty" Part 2 stuff first to know more about Shell before I go back into that bit.

So I guess I'm still partially a panster.

Toodles off to do a bit of championing. :)