Tuesday 8 November 2011

Nano Spotlight at Kelworth Files

Today I'm over at Chris's blog, the Kelworth Files for his Nano Spotlight, where he asks me 4 Nanowrimo-related questions and a sneaky ninja question.
Do pop on over!


Nanowrimo update:
I've crossed the 10K line and am pretty much on target up until yesterday. Today, I may have to work late (nothing unusual) in order to be able to leave work early-ish tomorrow (which to an auditor means after the official working hours of 5.30pm, but before 8pm) because a friend of mine is helping a friend of his do a video commercial shoot and asked if I wanted to help out. So maybe no additional words today.
Or for the rest of this week, depending on how much sleep I actually need.
My dad is graduating with his Masters this weekend so there is a graduation dinner on Thursday followed by the graduation ceremony on Friday and on Saturday, my family and I fly off to the exotic Land Below the Wind (I think?) of Kota Kinabalu. (That's located on the Malaysian Borneo, if you're checking).


But I had a blog post I wanted to do up on Sunday, which I haven't but which I might. We'll see.