Monday 28 November 2011

A short #nanowrimo update, and back to writing

I have 3 more days to write my remaining 20K words for nanowrimo.
I'm crazy to even think I want to try, but I think I will, just to see if I can.
See, I figure, with write or die I make about 500 words in 15 minutes. Which is 2,000 words an hour. But this is virtually impossible, because after 15 minutes of straight writing, my mind wanders. And then I need a 10 minute break to surf the internet (talk about self-control & self-discipline issues!)
So this means I can write about 1,000 words an hour (on a good stretch), give or take maybe 100 or so on either side depending on if I'm on a roll or if I'm just pushing through a scene. Which means I need 20 hours to meet the 20K. (The math is right? I may be an auditor but my mental math sucks. Would you believe I still count my change on my fingers?)
The upside of this is that I had originally take leave from work for project dance (and to be lazy) from this week onwards... the downside of which is I have to cancel one day's leave tomorrow to meet a deadline, but that's still TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF WORK.
And see, I usually spend 12 hours a day staring at a computer screen at work ANYWAY, so spending 20 hours over two days staring at computer screen to FINISH THIS NOVEL isn't going to be much different from what I always do.
And yes, that was me pep-talking myself.
It's 10AM and I have 19K to go.
See you Wednesday.
(I really should start a writing label/tag that says "I am crazy")

[edit 12.07AM, 11/29/11: Reached about 40K by midnight and am crazily impressed with myself. Would have gotten more done if I didn't get distracted following new twitter accounts and blogs after dinner.]