Wednesday 29 February 2012

The Great Singapore Adventure: Part 2!

Continuing where I left off, Saturday morning actually saw us meeting our hosts face-to-face for the first time. For the first two days, both Joshua and Yong May went off to work and to bed so early that we never actually saw them.
I then met Francis for breakfast at Forty Hands, where I was too lazy to take photos, and then hopped across the street to Books Actually. Where I go uber <3<3<3<3<3!

You get stuff like this
In cutesy paper bags

The shop's filled filled with lots of artsy fartsy kind of stuff, and is SHO PWETTY.

But I shall stop fangirling here and tell you if you want to see the rest of the photos, you can check it out on facebook. =)

Since my next appointment with Jo was a little delayed, we hopped on over to Littered with Books, where they had this huge sign saying, no photos allowed. And this was where Stupid transport moment #3 was realised. See I'd been hanging my small little digital camera off my wrist because I was too lazy to bring my huge handbag out. And somewhere between dashing in and out of the taxi in the rain, I'd left my camera behind.
The good part was, Francis called the taxi company and we managed to get it back right before I rushed onto the MRT to meet Jo at Bugis (again). THANK YOU FRANCIS!
The dashing Mr Cheah, checking out some deep, philosophical books. Or something.

Okay, so back to Jo and Bugis, our plans were nearly cancelled because of the rain, but after lunch we decided to brave the drizzle anyway. A map reading error made us start walking in the wrong direction, but it was worth it because we passed by a second-hand bookstore where I got these for only SGD5:
Meh, I can't read this until after Easter.

And after a long trek back in semi-drizzle, we finally reached Haji Lane!
And because I am this crazy person who meets multiple people at multiple time slots, I hopped over to Holland Village after this excursion to meet up with Timothy Liu, where he treated me to Katong Laksa and Singaporean otak-otak. This was followed by a little driving tour around Singapore and then he dropped me off at Haw Par Villa as he had to take his son for swimming class.

So Haw Par Villa was an unexpected find, because well, I didn't know anything about it. But if any of you have ever used Tiger Balm in your life, you have these two guys to thank for it:

It's free entry, and has all these educational bill boards and depictions of Chinese legends. And I realised something sucky about myself - I know a lot about Greek and Roman mythology, but next to nothing about Chinese mythology. Maybe it's because they don't write exciting Chinese myths in English. Or maybe they do, but I'm already biased against it so I never pick it up to read. I don't know.

Then it was off to Vivocity, for dinner with our hosts... and now that I'm blogging about it, this feels like a bit of an overkill in just one day. I'm crazy. Meh. So final picture for the post:
Me, Yong May, Joshua and Edrian

Nothing much happened on Sunday except that we were late for church (back to FCBC at Expo) and missed the entire worship session by Israel Houghton. :( I still blame Edrian for talking too much. HAHAHAHA. But the sermon was good.

And finally, the great Singapore adventure came to an end. I shall do this again soon.

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