Sunday 15 April 2012

Myxomatosis, Manic and oMg! #atozchallenge

“Mommy, Bunny’s sick,” Yve said, staring woefully at her little brown rabbit. It seemed to blink at her unseeingly.
“Eww, don’t touch that,” Pat said as Yve’s chubby little finger started to poke at the sores on her rabbit’s head. “I think we need to take Bunny to the bunny doctor.”
Pat sighed as she put the little rabbit into their carrier cage, slapping Yve’s fingers away from her mouth. “Don’t do that Yve. You might catch whatever Bunny’s having. You don’t want to be sick, do you?”
The little girl shook her head.
“Hmmm,” said the Doctor as he stared into Bunny’s eyes.
“Hmmmmmmmmm,” said the Doctor again as he poked at Bunny’s sores.
“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” said Yve on the Doctor’s behalf as he took Bunny’s temperature.
“What’s wrong with Bunny?” Yve asked when the Doctor finally turned to them.
“Your rabbit has myxomatosis.”
“Is he going to die?”
“Oh, I think we can treat him. I’m glad you brought him in early.”


Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to "myxi") is a disease that affects rabbits and is caused by the Myxoma virus. It was first observed in Uruguay in laboratory rabbits in the late 19th century. It was introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control the rabbit population


Okay, I know it's Sunday, but I couldn't post on Saturday so this is Saturday's M post. Rules were meant to be broken, right? *sheepish grin*

I'm really bad at writing cutesy bunny stuff (though I tried) so if you want the A to Z of bunny poems, drop by Yuin-Y's place at Ind Elwen Tinuviel.

It's been a manic-ish week at work - we were trying to rush out some accounts by Friday so I've been getting home at midnight-ish. Or so.
AND today was the first practice for our church musical!
Look! My name!
It's a freaky feeling. And I'm nervous and disorganised and talking really fast and confused and *takes deep breath*


Final "and" for the day: I'm on Pinterest. Like hah, really? Me? Yeah.


  1. What's A Place to Call Home? is it a new script you're working on? :)

    oh oh and how was drama practice? sorry to have let you down! ):

      Where were you?

      A Place to Call Home is the new title for our musical. Because I keep retitling it

  2. Stopped by from A-Z using the 'surprise me' button and learned something new -- bunnies get sick! Is "A Place to Call Home" your church musical? A new project? Why are you breathless???? Neat way to end the blog. Now I have to return!

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for dropping by.
      "A Place to Call Home" is our church musical. I've been working on the script since the end of last year and just putting it together for our first read-through was just so scary! Still trying to catch my breath :)

  3. Stopping by, I just had a friend lose a bunny, very sad. They are such great pets.

    I totally get the the mania that follows when one is trying to juggle so many things.

    Best of luck!

    1. Hey Von.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Am getting better at this, I hope! =)

  4. Love the title of your blog!