Monday 23 April 2012

Tzatziki: #atozchallenge

“Yes, darling. Just one bite. Look, the aeroplane is coming,” Mother made the spoon fly through the air, making it hover at Zara’s nose. “Come on, open up.”
“No!” Zara folded her arms and stamped her foot.
“How about with some nice bread? I’m sure it will taste better with bread.”
“No!” She pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose.
“Zara, you listen to me. If you don’t eat your Tzatziki, I’m not giving you any dessert.”
“But mommy, I don’t want it.”
“I don’t care if you don’t want it. You’re going to eat it.”
"Oh, leave her be, Mags,” Greg said, hiding a grimace as he placed his spoon down.
“You always side her. I thought we agreed about discipline, and being in agreement and…”
“Just one time. Let her off,” he said, winking at Zara from behind Mag’s back.
Zara giggled.
“What are the two of you up to now?” Mags said, turning as Zara ran past her and clambered onto her father’s lap.
The two looked guiltily at each other.
“Actually, dear, it’s quite… disgusting,” Greg said with a shrug.
Mags’ shoulders slumped. “I thought I made it right!”
“It’s not your cooking, dear. Your cooking is delightful. But this is just…”
“You said you wanted to teach Zara all about our wonderful Greek heritage.”
“I do, Mags, I do. But maybe not Tzatziki, please?”
“Fine. I’ll eat it myself.”


Tzatziki (from wikipedia)

Tzatziki or tzadziki(Greek: τζατζίκι [dzaˈdzici] or [dʒaˈdʒici]; Turkish: cacık [dʒaˈdʒɯk]; English pronunciation: /zæˈdziːkiː/ Albanian: xaxiq), Persian ماست و خیار, is a Greek and Turkish meze or appetizer, also used as a sauce for souvlaki and gyros. Tzatziki is made of strained yoghurt (usually from sheep or goat milk) mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, usually olive oil, pepper, sometimes lemon juice, and dill or mint or parsley.[1] Tzatziki is always served cold. While in Greece and Turkey the dish is usually served as an accompaniment, in other places tzatziki is often served with bread (loaf or pita) as part of the first course of a meal.


Because there are a lot of things I don't like to eat, cucumbers included. 


  1. i think it sounds really good--espcially with pita bread

    1. Lol! I'm sure 99% of the world would think so too :_
      I'm just a fussy eater.

  2. I went to a Greek restaurant for the first time the other day in Sydney, Australia. I asked for the yogurt sauce and they said, you mean the tzatziki. I said, yes, that please. It was so good. I ate it with pita bread and it was one of the best things I had on my vacation.