Thursday 19 April 2012

Qwerty: #atozchallenge.

"Is that really your name?" I couldn't stop myself from asking. 
"Yeah, it is," he replied a little shyly, staring down at his long fingers.
"That's kind of a quirky name. Is it a nickname or did your parents name you that?"
"A... A nickname, sort of. I'm not disturbing you, am I?"
"Oh no, no you aren't. Why would you think that?"
"Well, cos it's usually about this time that the girls go 'but oh you're so weird' and walk off."
I smiled at him. "I don't think you're weird. You're kind of sweet, actually."
"Thanks," he said, blushing.
"So why Qwerty?"
He shrugged. "It's easy to pronounce."
"But hard to spell."
"Everyone asks me how I spell that," he agreed.
"As if it wasn't obvious enough."
We shared a knowing smile, feeling some kind of bond, awkward as it was, for the first time during our blind date. Blind, nameless date. All my colleague had said upon setting us up was that we were sure to hit it off, strange and geeky as we were. I was a bit offended at that - I wasn't in the least geeky, was I? I didn't think so, but he insisted.
"You'll love him- or at least find him interesting," was his only explanation and I had to admit he was right.
I did find the young man named Qwerty rather interesting.


 I dozed off writing this one. The lack of sleep is catching up to me so this one will of necessity be very short and disjointed. And possibly full of grammatical and spelling errors seeing that I'm typing off my iPad whilst in bed on Wed night and scheduling it for sort of this morning (it's past midnight).

*note to self: typing off the ipad has no formatting. 


  1. Lovely post! Have you tried the wireless Apple keyboard on the iPad (easier for writing)? :-) (in France it's an AZERTY!)

    1. Thanks Honore.

      I do have a wireless keyboard that I use with my iPad (not Apple though) but it's difficult to type with when you're lying down sideways on the bed. :)

  2. What does QWERTY stand for anyway? I've heard it mentioned in connection with keyboards. ?? :)

    1. It's the first 6 letters on the top row of your keyboard, or at least most english-language keyboards.

  3. i think it's an interesting name--new reader from the a-z project

  4. The only other Qwerty name I know of is the PC character in Veggie Tales.

    1. OH! Is there a character in Veggie Tales called Qwerty?
      Ok, I have to look that up. :D