Friday 19 July 2013

#campnano: In Transit 4, a #fridayflash.

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It was the waiting that killed, and the uncertainty, Janice was sure of that, though it wasn't as if she was really waiting for anything. Anything concrete, that was.

She looked up from her phone as her sister popped her head through the doorway.
"Any plans for tonight?"
"Ye - I don't know. Maybe."
"You still waiting for him to call you?"
"No. I... No."
Cherise walked into the room and sat on the bed beside her.
"What's wrong, little go-getter?"
"You sit in your room all day, staring at your phone. And nothing is wrong. Uhuh. That's not the Janice I know."
"I'm on leave. I'm not supposed to be doing anything."
"Like you could ever sit still even during holidays?"
"So, I've changed. People do, you know."
"Do they. You're still checking your work email."
"Well. Yes."
"So are you free tonight?"
"Yes, I guess."
"Great. We're going for dinner. Now, go out and do something and stop moping."
Cherise left the room, the last thing to leave was the little waggling fingers telling her to move on and stop waiting.

But what was she waiting for? Janice stared miserably at her phone. She wasn't quite sure either.


She almost dropped her phone when it actually rang.
"Hello?" she said, hating the tremor in her voice."
"Hi, is that Jan?"
"Nick here. I didn't catch you at a bad time or anything, did I?"
"Oh. Er, nope. What's up?"
"Remember the last convo we had? I was wondering if I could take you up on that - you know, I think your business model works. I'd just like to have a more in-depth look at it."
"Right. Oh! Right. Yes, when do you want to meet up - only I'm in Penang at the moment..."
"That's great, actually. I'll be there for a do this weekend. Maybe we could schedule something."
"Yes, sure."
"I'll call you when I'm there and we'll figure something out. Does Sunday afternoon sound good?"
"Should be, as far as I know."
"Okay. Catch you then. Bye."
Janice couldn't help the little tear that escaped her eye, brushing it away angrily.

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