Friday 25 March 2016

#bookreview: Dissolution by Lee S Hawke

Dissolution is supposed to be launched today! (Edit: I now have an Amazon link!
At any rate, I thought I'd just post my review here before April gets crazy.

If you want to help fund her crowdsourcing for science in Australia, head over here!

Dissolution - A Dystopian NovellaDissolution - A Dystopian Novella by Lee S. Hawke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taking the concept of selling your souls to work literally, Hawke builds a city where at 18, you sell yourself to the highest bidder. Madeline has known all her life that Merce is where she wants to be - so that she can help fix up Unilox through her modding skills. But when the Auctioning goes terribly wrong, she finds herself on the run.

Dissolution is a gripping read - Hawke takes you down to the depths of rejection and out to the wilds of fear and desperation, before holding out a little carrot of hope. There's a determination to Madeline that seeps out through her every action and word, helping her do the unthinkable: disconnect from the world absolutely by turning off her UConn. Turning to the outcasts for help.

Technology is the core of Dissolution, and Hawke explores our slavery to tech and connectivity, and how we find our value in our jobs and possessions, making non-conformists the stranger-enemy. Corporations that were once meant to protect have been subverted from their purpose. Are corporations inherently evil? Or do they just allow people with the propensity for it to have too much power?

There's much to think about. Or you could just enjoy a good story.

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