Friday 11 March 2016

#fridayflash: Talk me down

Talk me down, she said, like she was on the edge of a building, waiting to jump. Maybe she was. I don't know. But she'd laid down her dreams and bared her soul and she stood there, looking at me with soulful eyes.
Help me or talk me down. She said it like a command. I could either help her achieve all the things she'd wanted to do - too many, too varied to remember - or I could talk her out of it, telling her that it wasn't possible.
So I did.
I tore her down word by word, telling her that she couldn't. That all these things - these dreams? - they're not for one like her. You're too small, too weak, too uncertain; these vast visions need a big-hearted, large-handed, forward-thinking man to head them, because you? You're certainly not enough.
Then she looked at me with tears in her eyes and nodded.
I knew that.
Then she did them anyway because they wouldn't let her go.


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  1. I loved that final line and image -- "because they wouldn't let her go".

    Leaves me wondering what the dreams in question were!

    1. Ha, that could be anything, couldn't it? ;)