Friday 24 June 2016

A writing update!

I have been sitting staring at this blank space for ages, trying to write a little piece of flash fiction, but I have to admit that I am all fictioned out. So I guess I'll write a writing update.

I looked at my submissions tracking list and realised that I have submitted a short story almost every month since January. Well, if you take into account the fact that I submitted two in Feb, that makes up for the non-submission in March. Oh wait, and two in January too (not counting the stuff I edited to submit for fellowships). I've had 3 rejections so far (boohoo) and I'm waiting for the other 4 to be rejected (hahaha; yay self esteem.).

Things I'm currently (or should be) working on:

  • The short story for submission to Insignia, which will probably happen because I just need to sit down and edit the darned thing. Especially the ending. 
  • The novella for submission to Tor, which will probably not happen because I am terrible at SciFi; I think I am going to abandon my ridiculous attempt which is going nowhere. At least I'll be able to recycle these plot bunnies in something else. 
  • Putting together the script for next month's drama thing, which I NEED TO CHASE PEOPLE FOR. OI. 
  • Revising Semicolon and possibly getting people to workshop it because I really want to do something with that script but it's just not really working. Ugh.
  • The Christmas Thing (sigh), both for my church, and for my godfather's church, because I always overcommit and cannot say no. Yikes.
  • Editing the Snow Queen retelling which is actually written but I don't know if I like enough.
  • ABSOLUTION. I need to finish Absolution and rewrite it. No matter what I think I want to work on, it always comes back to this one. For some reason, my spirit is telling me that this is key, even though I don't know why. 
  • Putting together Codes as a single, because I can. And hey, the more I throw out there on the market, the better, right? I think. 
  • The Wide Open Drabble I want to do for LUMA's Wide Open exhibition
  • Probably a flash for the #mywriters' Penang chapbook we're planning?
Yeah. So help me God. lol

Anyone has like an hour or so to do a quick beta/critique of a short story for me? :D

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  1. Looks like you need to organize your list of to do's. Get what is due on the calendar. Start ticking them off in order. Fill any free time with work on Absolution. After all, the Spirit is leading you to finish it. I would love to beta read a short story, but I honestly don't have the time in my day. Full time working mother and wife sob story. LOL
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead