Wednesday 8 June 2016

#bookreview: The Know: Preservation | Ed Kurst

The Know: Preservation (The Know, #1)The Know: Preservation by Ed Kurst
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

John Preston has always had this talent that he calls "The Know" - it's something like a premonition, or an ability to see the future. Any significant usage of this ability, however, leaves John exhausted. He's resigned himself to imminent death - until an exceptionally strong Know takes him all the way to the past: to when Tril, the leader of primitive humans, first Knows that the earth is going to be destroyed in a Fiery Catastrophe.

And so he finds himself involved with Tril (who time travels quite a bit), Stacey (uh, a little insta-love-ish, because premonitions), Akio (wait what - whose grandson again?), Albert Einstein (because, of course, geniuses need super powers), Mr Bill (an old college mate who fortunately has fingers in every pie) and Pavel (a security guy who has suspiciously high clearance and foresight).

Preservation reminds me of X-Men. On one hand, you have the Consortium who believe it is their right to rule the earth because of their special "talents". And on the other, you have another group of talented individuals who are trying desperately to save the earth. Oh, and of course, only John and Stacey can do it because they are the *special chosen ones*.

You have to head hop a bit in this one. Kurst mostly writes in third person, except for some chapters from John's perspective, which are in first person. It's... okay, I guess, but not exactly optimum.

I'm trying to think of more specific reasons why this isn't a four star at least... but I'm failing to at this point of time. I'll just say that it was pretty interesting (albeit maybe kinda generic?) and the alternating persons didn't exactly help.

* I received a free copy from Novel Publicity for review purposes.

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  1. It sounds like an interesting read! Thanks for the review.