Monday 13 March 2017

#musicmonday: No Other Name | Hillsong

Find hope
When all the world seems lost
The triumph of the cross
His power
Has trampled death and grave
Our life found in His name
The greatest name of all


Because nothing seems like triumph right now, this is the verse that needs to be on loop.
Because the world seems lost. The world is lost. But we need hope, if only to push us on a day forward at a time.

I cannot see the triumph, but it is there

And maybe if I sing it louder, speak it louder, I will see beyond the veil, see through that which shrouds the rightful future from me. Beholding


The death in me has been defeated. The grave holds no sting. The power of the cross is triumphant.

Behold the triumph of the cross.

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