Wednesday 1 May 2024

Book review: Wishing on a Supervillain | HL Burke (and a kickstarter)

Wishing on a Supervillain (Superhero Romance Project Book 4)Wishing on a Supervillain by H.L. Burke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you do when the first wish you're asked to grant in your brand new Superhero wish-granting project is a wish to meet a Supervillain? What would your boss even say? Nixie decides to do it anyway. Or try to. It all depends on whether Switch will agree to take time off from villaining to help her grant a sick kid's wish.

Wishing on a Supervillain is a fun read with unexpectedly touching moments. It's part of the Romance series, so it's pretty obvious that they're going to fall for each other. But it's a very clean romance - nothing beyond a kiss - mostly because Nixie is such a goody-two-shoes church girl from a sheltered family that... this is her first everything. If Burke hadn't explicitly stated she's in her early twenties (22?), I would put her at a very naive 19 or so (I mean, she's working as a superheroine, she's probably not under-18).

Choice - and the lack of good ones - feels like a core theme in this story. Why did Switch go down the road of villainy? Why does Oliver choose to meet a supervillain when he could have his pick of superheroes to meet? Why does Nixie keep giving Switch second chances when her boss, Vibes, is adamant that villains never change? Can villains change?

Also, the name Vibes is a Choice.

All in all, a great read.

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I MOSTLY posted this today (instead of the other book I read) because Burke has a kickstarter for Tales from the SVR Universe: Superhero Anthology and I figured that I'd boost that at the same time! 

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