Friday 20 April 2012

Restless: #atozchallenge

I am the sea on a moonless night
Calling falling, slipping tides
I am the leaky, dripping pipes
The endless, aching drops of light

I am the raindrop falling down
Always longing for the deeper ground
I am the broken, breaking seas
Even my blood finds ways to bleed

Pace. Endlessly, up and down. Because the room isn’t long enough, large enough, wide enough.
“Sit still, will you?”
“But I can’t.”

Even the rivers ways to run
Even the rain to reach the sun
Even my thirsty streams
Even in my dreams

I am restless
I am restless
I am restless
Looking for you
I am restless
I run like the ocean to find your shore
Looking for you

“What are you looking for?”
“But I’m here.”
“I can’t seem to reach you.”
“Take my hand.”
“I can’t.” Her fingers grazed the wall between them.

I am the thorn stuck in your side
I am the one that you left behind
I am the dried-up doubting eyes
Looking for the well that won’t run dry

Running hard for the other side
The world that I've always been denied
Running hard for the infinite
With the tears of saints and hypocrites

Let go. Breathe in, release. “Why couldn’t it be? Why do things have to be this way?” she screamed, tears streaming down her face.
Silently, he wrapped his arms around her. “Trust me.”
“Why should I?”
“Because I love you.”
“Do you?” Cynical. Broken. The spear that pierced the Saviour’s side.

Oh blood of black and white and gray
Death in life and night in day
One by one by one
We let our rivers run

“Oh, you call me that, do you?”
“I don’t know what else to call you.”
“My love.”

I am restless
I am restless
I am restless
Looking for you
I am restless
I run like the ocean to find your shore
Looking for you

“Which way do you mean it?”
“Any. Both. Which ever means most to you.”
A shrug of the shoulders. A smile, playing on his lips. “I am here. Find me.”

I can hear you breathing,
I can hear you leading
More than just a feeling
More than just a feeling
I can feel you reaching
Pushing through the ceiling
Til the final healing
I'm looking for you

Pace. Past the endless glass that separates. On and on.
“You’re still there.”
“And you’re still there.”
Fingers brushing against frosted windowpanes, losing sight. “Come back!”
“I’m still here.” His breath warm against her neck. “If you would step over, I am here.”

Until the sea of glass we meet
At last completed and complete
Where tide and tear and pain subside
And laughter drinks them dry

I’ll be waiting
All that I aim for
What I was made for
With every heartbeat
All of my blood bleeds
Running inside me
Looking for you

Step through, skin melting through the cold glass, a shiver passed through her.
“I don’t know if I can.”
“You can.”
“I’m slipping away.”
He held her as she faded through the glass. “Then I’ll stay.”

Looking for you


Restless lyrics from Switchfoot. 


  1. I love the band Switchfoot
    excellent the way you present the dilemma

    He is that close
    hugs Anna

  2. Great R word post. Stopping in to say hi from the A to Z!

  3. I like this song. Great post for R.

    A to Z Blogger & SF/Fantasy Writer @ Visions of Other Worlds

    1. Thanks Jessica!
      It's one of my favourite Switchfoots.

  4. I love that the lyrics are all there for that great song. Clever way to present the letter 'R'.
    I'm a new follower.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images