Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Crimbo!

Wiktionary describes Crimbo as this:
(UK, slang) Christmas, especially the more secular and commercial aspects

I like Urban Dictionary's entries, though:
  1. Crimbo is a slang word for christmas
  2. A secular version of Christmas, esp. the commercial aspects of the holiday.
  3. The online celebration of the Christmas holiday, partaken by those who do not chose to celebrate Hannukkimbo. --> totally SO KOL ;)
  4. A word used to describe Christmas by people who are ashamed of their non Christian identity but still want to join in with the festive activities.
(Err, there was one that meant criminal, but let's leave that out here)

I wrote an article a while back, titled Merry Consumerism: The Fall of Christmas. Nothing much has changed since then. Carols are still a pain, and in some odd way, I realise that more musician/worship leader friends are sick of carols than the regular Joes and Janes who seem to love singing carols at the top of their lungs ALL THE WAY THROUGH DECEMBER. DURING WORSHIP IN CHURCH. I don't know. Carols have their place, I suppose, and for me it tends to be more of a thing for outreaches, visitations, and so on, rather than for singing in church. Then again, I'm picky in dividing songs that are meant for church/corporate worship, personal worship, performance, etc... so maybe it's just me. Maybe no one else cares. I'm not entirely sure if God does either, actually.

The other thing I hate the most about Christmas is this whole relationship thing. Like sometimes, I feel like I've failed at being woman again this year, by still being single. It's like, look, a whole year has gone by again and I'm still alone at Christmas *cue emo music and #foreveralone face*. To make things worse (okay, not really worse, but well, you know) you know that video thing going around about this guy proposing by meme? Um well, he was my first ever crush. Waaaayyyy back in high school. I feel old. I mean like old, old. Old maid kind of old.

I guess what I'm trying to say, in my roundabout way, is that I don't believe in Christmas. It's basically all Crimbo now, anyway. It's all about gifts and parties and events and as everybody knows, Jesus wasn't really born on Christmas day, and it's all that pagan winter solstice thing *rolls eyes* and if what you really want is a birthday party, go ahead and call it that, alright? Besides, who ever celebrates a person's birthday once they're dead anyway, you guys loco or something?(Yes, I know I'm totally a Grinch.)

Advent, though, is an interesting thought, and I was totally unprepared for it this year, having only realised the start of Advent midweek after the Sunday it actually started. And then I was caught up with Project Dance Penang and the Social Media Whirlwind Tour organised by Novel Publicity (One more tour starting tomorrow and I'm done!) and I couldn't give much more thought to it.
Next year though, I'm going to mark this down on the calendar (note to self: get a yearly calendar and start marking down dates!) and follow through on it. I don't know what form it will be, because there seem to be several different ways to observe Advent depending on what denomination/church you are from, and mine doesn't observe it, I think, but there are times when I think that certain traditions should be tried on for size. They don't fit everyone, surely, but there are times, when it is right, when it is proper to do so - and it really frees you up for God to work in your life, no?

So before I totally destroy your wonderful Christmas celebrations with my grouchy outlook, let me wish you a Merry Crimbo and may your tree be evergreen. (Don't ask me what I mean by that. I don't know.)