Tuesday 6 December 2011

Upcoming album launch: IN THAT DAY by Josh Yeoh

Okay... so I'm pretty excited about this coming album launch. =)
I've known Joshua since we were little tots, or more like babies. I was trying to find the photo of us as babies... I thought it was on facebook, but apparently not anymore. Here's an entertaining picture of us anyways (him at least):

Back (L-R): Joshua, Francis
Sitting (L-R): Ee Laine, Yuin-Y, Me!

Oh wait, I found it.
L-R: Uncle Darren & Charis, Uncle Keat Cheong & Joshua, Uncle Heok Hee & Esther, Uncle Lye Hin & Timothy, my dad and me.

WAY back, right?
I could go through a gazillion things we've done together, but I won't. I've already written about it for his birthday post here. I'm really blessed to be his friend and it's really awesome to see what God is doing in his life. I'm jealous! (Ah, another post for another day)

Back to the topic at hand, in that day releases Dec 10 - which is this Saturday! 

Josh's sophomore project introduces 13 songs, all birthed in the Prayer Room, "In That Day" is a worship album that centers on the revelation of Jesus as Bridegroom, King and Judge. The album features well-loved tracks from Josh like "Where You Are" and "Desire Of Every Nation", and many new and original songs that will usher you into His presence and ignite a deeper longing for the Day when we see Him face to face.

Check out the previews here and here and see you at the concert(s)!

"Like" on Facebook for updates: www.fb.com/JoshYeohMusic
Follow on twitter: @yeohjo
Email: info [at] JoshuaOneEight [dot] com

p/s: I'm thinking of doing an interview, but I don't know what to ask. If you have any questions you're dying to ask him, let me know! E-mail me at natanna [at] gmail [dot] com. Will try to get this up by this Sat! (Assuming he entertains my questions).
p.p/s: The video announcement says that the digital release should be yesterday (12/5), but up to the time of posting, the bandcamp link still says it's blank. I'm assuming it's a timing glitch (USA vs the rest of the world) but will check and find out![edit: link is working!]