Monday 15 October 2012

Blast from the past: We All Fall Apart

Every once in a while, I revisit the stuff that I wrote a long time ago. On Sunday, my brother asked if I had any samples of "romance" stuff to help him in some story he's writing. I wandered back to my fictionpress site and stumbled upon this old thing.

We All Fall Apart was written for Script Frenzy in 2007. Uploading it to fictionpress killed part of the formatting, but it's still readable. It's corny. And blatantly immature teen flick. And definitely still playing on that theme I had of jazz bands and surprise parties. I still love the ending though, corny as it is.

Oh James. You're just too sweet, you know that Mez?
            (She reaches up and touches his face.)
Shh… don't say anything. Just let me talk. There was a time, when you were so distant, and Cedric was just too real and all there. I wondered then – what if? What if he was really the one? What if you didn't care about me anymore? What if you really had found your happiness with Heather, and just didn't know how to tell me? Would I just try to hang on and be cast aside? Or should I strike off on my own and make my own happiness?
Shh… wait. Then there came your letter. It blew up my whole world. I couldn't believe that my worst nightmare was coming true. I was so bitter I thought I would rather just break it off on my own rather than wait for you to drop the bombshell that I obviously wasn't meant to know about yet. It was devastating for me. I guess for you too. But I didn't want to care I didn't want to feel.
And then I learnt the truth about who Heather really was later on. I was still wondering, though. I was still bitter. And then Ceddy said something that really hit me on the head.
I asked him that question – the one about true love. He said it's about making a commitment and sticking to it. It's a promise – of being faithful to each other. And I came to a conclusion.

What was that?

A while ago, I made a commitment, and a promise. I don't want to go back on that. I think that being faithful isn't that you're never tempted, or that you're some kind of person with angelic thoughts and motives. Being faithful doesn't mean that you're a super hero and will never ever think of liking anyone else ever again. I feel that being faithful, is really choosing to ignore all the other distractions that come your way, even whilst acknowledging that those distractions are real. But it's a primarily a choice. It's a difficult choice. I'm not saying it's not. And truthfully, I do have to admit that in some ways, Ceddy is just… I don't know how to put it. He's one of those guys that's always there for you. And he really cares. He listens. In a way, I do like him. But in so many other ways, I do believe that you're the one for me. Even though I know things aren't great now. Things are in real fact, falling apart.
But! Listen to the but - I choose to honour that promise I made you a long time ago.
As long as I breathe…

As long as I live…

You're mine.

You're beautiful.

He puts his arms around her.

Love is nothing to the world
A hug and kiss means nothing much
But when I kiss you
I want to kiss you forever

They get up and walk to the car, holding hands. The sprinklers turn on and they laugh, chasing each other through the falling water.

When I touch you
I want to touch you forever
When I know you
I want to know you forever

She takes out her diary and lies on her stomach on the bed. She bits the end of her pencil, taps it on her chin and then starts writing.

Time comes and goes
Friendships live and die
But when I love you
I want to love you forever

He lies on his bed, with his hands behind his head, with a smile on his face. He picks up his hand phone and dials her number. He talks for a while.

Only you.

She puts down the phone and then keeps the diary. As she passes by her table, she stops to look at the photo frame on her table that holds his picture and smiles widely. She switches off the light.

(Ok, I admit the monologue-y stuff needs work).

P/S: Bali pictures are up on facebook. I will (maybe) blog about it soon.

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