Monday 22 October 2012

The Worship Songwriter: A Step By Step Guide To Crafting Your Best Songs

So I've been following this David Santistevan's blog for a while and when he issued out a call for a launch team for his upcoming book, The Worship Songwriter, I thought... why not?

He sent the launch team a review copy and I read it on the back of our church's worship retreat, where Aunty Lucy was basically encouraging us to start writing worship songs, and you guessed it - The Worship Songwriter was basically giving tips to not just get started, but to hone and refine your songs.

There are great tips in this book if you'll take the time to sit down and work through them. I promise I will, some day.

What Is “The Worship Songwriter?”
The Worship Songwriter is an eBook designed to help you write your best songs. Whether you are a seasoned writer who needs some fresh inspiration or you have a brand new interest in writing worship songs, this is the book for you.

From idea conception to editing to finishing, The Worship Songwriter will guide you on a step by step process to finishing your song.

For a limited time, David is offering two special bonuses along with the book:
  • The Worship Songwriter Audiobook - grow as a songwriter as you work out, drive, travel, or go for a walk.
  • The Worship Songwriter Journal - An eJournal to get you started writing TODAY! Includes concepts and quotes from the book, as well as Scripture verses to inspire you.
What are you waiting for? 

Where to buy
David's site
The Worship Songwriter site
Direct buy link

About the author
David Santistevan is a worship leader, blogger, music teacher, and pastor. He works at Allison Park Church as the Creative Arts Pastor, investing in the next generation of musicians and worship leaders.

He married his wife, Emily in 2009 and their son, Tyler was born in July of 2012.

David’s blog, is a popular blog for worship leaders. It has won the Reader’s Choice award at Worship Leader Magazine for two consecutive years as a top resource.

David, Emily, & Tyler currently live in Pittsburgh, PA.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I read about his launch as well but I didn't know you guys were being encouraged to start writing songs. God's timing is amazing. The book I gave you - I've had for about 2 years, hardly used it so I'm glad I obeyed that nudge in my heart to give it away to you. Proof that my antenna is not clogged up... :) Be blessed & start writing.

    1. Thanks Mei Yen.
      I'm looking foward to reading it. :)

  2. HI Anna, thanks for getting the word out and may the Lord inspire you and your community with glorious God songs!

    1. Good things were meant to be shared ;)
      Thanks for dropping by!