Monday 1 April 2013

#atozchallenge: Asparagus

He crept slowly along the corridor, keeping as much as he could to the shadows. There was a stir of air above him and he paused, looking up. A dark figure stood outlined in the dim window opposite, a stray curtain flapping in the soft breeze. He froze. The figure stood there for a long time, seemingly gazing out the window, and he wondered if it - he or she, he couldn't tell - had seen him. But no hue and cry was raised, nothing startling happened, and in due time the figure disappeared. He closed his eyes momentarily, heaving a silent sigh of relief. He touched the slim packet in his coat pocket to reassure himself.
Glancing about him, he continued on his cautious journey, often casting a quick gaze back at the window until he turned the corner and emerged in the courtyard. The pale crescent moon was reflected in the deep, still pool, floating a short distance above the overhanging trees. At the far end of the courtyard, he could see her slender form hunched over on the long bench, her face in her hands.
She was crying.
"Hush, I'm here," he said as he sat down beside her, placing an arm over her shuddering shoulders.
"I know. But you shouldn't be," she whispered, raising her tear-stained face to his. "You should go. Now."
"Why? I only just got here."
"They're coming, George," she said. "I couldn't stop them."
"Do they know-"
"Yes. You have to go. They'll kill you if they find you here."
"Don't worry, I have it all under control."
She tried to laugh at his confidence, tried to believe that what he said was true. But she knew them. She knew them by heart. They were her family, her friends, her captors.
He took her hands in his. "Trust me on this, Julie." Even as he said that, he wondered about the figure in the window. Who was it, and what did he want? Pushing his fears aside, he told her about his week, detailing his plans to get her out of this place and to make her his wife.
"You love me, don't you, Julie?" he asked.
"Yes, yes I do." She was smiling now, telling him of her plans to decorate their future house, about the light lavender hangings she had seen in the store the other day and how nice it would look draped over the couch he had told her of two weeks ago.
"When, George?" she asked, eyes shining.
"Yes, when, George?" a mocking voice came from across the courtyard.
George tore his eyes away from his love, and looked into the face of his sworn enemy. Julie's nails pressed into his wrists.
"I told you..."
"Stay calm, Julie. I have this under control." George stood up, slowly dusted himself off, and walked towards Julie's brother.
"I know what you want, Harold, and I'm prepared to do it."
Harold folded his arms, narrowed his eyes. "Show me."
George smiled as he put his hand in his coat pocket, pulling out the land title deed that Harold had fought him for five years ago. As he did so, his hand gripped the little asparagus knife he had slipped in between the papers and in one swift movement, he stabbed Harold in the heart.
Julie stared at him wide-eyed.
"Don't worry, Julie. They'll never find the murder weapon," George said with a wide grin as he pulled the knife out. He stooped by the pool and rinsed his hand and the knife in the cool water. Then he popped it into his mouth and crunched down on it. Asparagus was definitely his new favourite vegetable.

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S/N: SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Arlee Bird, the founder of the A to Z Challenge! We're having a blast! =)

30 days left for you to submit your short stories for the Love in Penang anthology.


  1. Fun story. I shall have to tell my son that asparagus is a weapon, he might like it a lot more then. :)

    1. Oh dear.. you might have asparagus fights in your house soon.

  2. This is a great way to start your challenge! Awesome

  3. He ate the murder weapon. It must have been fresh. When we buy asparagras, it's rather wilted. Wouldn't kill a fly.

    1. Lol Francene! :)
      Hope you get a better supplier with fresher asparagus soon.

  4. Great story! I can't wait to see the rest of your alphabet.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  5. Oh, what a wonderful story! I loved it; thank you Anna! Looking forward to the rest of the month!

    1. Hi Jim!
      Oh yes... this is going to be such a fun month :D

  6. I do love asparagus, but never thought of it as a weapon. I do have some in the fridge right now, so I'll check it out . . . very carefully. Thanks for the surreal spin on this story.

    I came here via the A to Z challenge. Personally I write about movies, moviemaking, and growing up Hollywood-adjacent at WWW.BeverlyinMovieland. For the month of April, I'm limiting myself to the colleagues and alumni of my former B-movie boss, Roger Corman.

    1. Hey Beverly. Great to meet you.
      Did you manage to draw any blood with your asparagus? :)

  7. Love this! Being a travel blogger, the A to Z is giving me a great chance to venture outside my community and the title of this post drew me in...I HATE asparagus and was curious as to what this post would be!

    1. Seriously Kellie, I hate asparagus too. :)

  8. Love your title and love asparagus. LOL

    A to Z Challenge Blog Hop

  9. Fun read.. :) enjoyed it ... you have a wild imagination... I am in the A-Z challenge too... I read a lot, but love art.