Friday 1 April 2022

#AtoZChallenge: A for Absolution

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Today's post is A for Absolution.

The Absolution Series is a duology consisting of Amok (released June 2021) and Absolution (coming this November!) But wait, you ask, there are three titles in that picture!

While Amok and Absolution revolve around the fall and restoration of Terang (therefore are books #1 and #2 respectively), The Tale of the Hostage Prince is a side story that follows what happens to Yosua in Bayangan after the events of Amok. Since it isn’t directly related to the main story arc of the other two, I made it #1.5.

(Confusing? Yeah, I know. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. lol)

Here are the book descriptions & buy links!


The Absolution Duology

Amok (Absolution #1) – June 2021

What is faith, except hope in desperation?

All Putera Mikal wants is to gain the Amok Strength, the supernatural power granted by Kudus to the royal family. Yet no matter how religiously he keeps his vows, Kudus denies him the Strength—even while his father, Sultan Simson, blatantly defies the Temple, insisting on a marriage alliance with the enemy queen despite the priests’ visions of doom.

Then the prophecies come true.

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Absolution (Absolution #2) – Releasing November 2022

If cursed is the hand that kills, then it wouldn't matter if that same hand stole, would it?

Tulen feels doubly cursed, forced to serve the bratty princess of Impian as punishment for her crimes, until said princess embarks on a pilgrimage. Tulen grabs her only chance to offer a sacrifice at the holy city of Suci—and maybe, finally, feel clean again.

Sultan Mikal has set his face towards Suci—and certain death. Nothing about his Penance is clear, except the fact that if he fails, Terang will fall along with him.

When Tulen’s pilgrimage intersects with Sultan Mikal’s quest to fulfil the Covenant of Salt, Tulen faces a difficult dilemma: What is her absolution worth in the face of the sultanate’s very existence?


The Tale of the Hostage Prince (Book 1.5) – Releases 14 April 2022

Yosua wears an uneasy crown. Although he is now Raja of Bayangan, he still longs for the land of his birth where everything was much simpler…and less deadly.

But peace doesn’t come easily, not for a twenty-year-old servant playacting at being king.

With his parents brutally murdered and his uncle bent on revenge, Yosua must decide where his loyalties truly lie. With his only remaining relative and the kingdom he has claimed? Or with his best friend Mikal and the sultanate that raised him as a hostage?


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That's all for today. See you tomorrow for B for Bayangan! 

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  1. Sounds interesting. Will check these out later. Have marked my sign-up sheet for those I want to revisit when the madness is over.

  2. All of them sound amazing,and the covers are striking, Anna!

    1. Thanks Damyanti! Hhaha yess I love my cover artist!

  3. Great start! I'll look these books up...

  4. Interesting! Happy A to Z!

  5. Happy A to Z! I think 1.5 works just fine. Not everything needs to be a straight line trilogy. :) And now I'm interested to learn more about these stories!
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