Tuesday 12 April 2022

#AtoZChallenge: J for Justices, Mind-reading and the Secretkeeper

 Here’s a little lore from Terang!

So, Terang is made up of three city-states: Maha, Suci, and Impian. And each of these city-states have their own leader and their own magical gifts from Kudus.

Today’s post will be about the Mind-reading Gift of the Impianans (Impianites? Idk, I don't think I've decided). This Gift is given primarily to the women, though some of the men have weak forms of the Gift. These Gifts usually manifest themselves around puberty—so between the ages of 12 – 14. Whilst everyone is encouraged to learn how to control their Gifts, those with particularly strong Mind-reading abilities are put on a register of sorts and are given the option to train to become Justices once they finish school.

These Justices form the backbone of the justice system in Terang—they can, obviously, read minds so they can fairly judge cases and know who is actually innocent or guilty. They often act as detectives as well, using their Gifts (with permission) to collect information. There are a lot of restrictions as to how and when they use their Gifts so that they don’t abuse it just to kaypoh and learn everyone else’s secrets.

The head of the Justices is called the Secretkeeper. Now, the Secretkeeper has a biiiiggg secret, mainly that she carries all the Memories of the Secretkeepers before her, right until the founding of Terang. These Memories are normally passed down from mother to daughter, but there have been instances where the Memories (and the title) is passed down to either another female relative or to another Justice. Because of that, the identity of the Secretkeeper is only known to the Triumvirate (i.e. the heads of each of the three city-states), the Majlis Maha, and her own close family. Only the Secretkeeper can decide who to reveal her identity to…so once in a while, a close family friend or two are in the know.  

Justices have appeared in both Amok and The Tale of the Hostage Prince, and the Secretkeeper is one of the key decision-makers so she appears as well!


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