Thursday 14 April 2022

#AtoZChallenge: L for LAUNCH DAY!


And, arbitrarily, the only reason today, 14 April 2022, has been chosen as Launch Day is because it's L in the A to Z Challenge calendar. *shrug*

The Tale of the Hostage Prince (Book 1.5) 

Yosua wears an uneasy crown. Although he is now Raja of Bayangan, he still longs for the land of his birth where everything was much simpler…and less deadly.

But peace doesn’t come easily, not for a twenty-year-old servant playacting at being king.

With his parents brutally murdered and his uncle bent on revenge, Yosua must decide where his loyalties truly lie. With his only remaining relative and the kingdom he has claimed? Or with his best friend Mikal and the sultanate that raised him as a hostage?

I'm so excited that you get your hands on this book, which I once described as:

  • - fantasy SEA
  • - coming-of-age (ish)
  • - identity crisis/religious politics 
  • - no romance, sorry but lots of stupid PINING 

If you haven't already pre-ordered, here's where you can get your hands on both print and ebook copies!

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