Saturday 9 April 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Honour

Honour is reciprocal, rather like respect. As you honour others, it makes it easier for them to honour you in return. Someone usually has to start first, but it’s difficult. Growing up in an Asian society, I’ve internalised a culture of shame; growing up in a Christian environment, I’ve internalised a culture of guilt. Right now, I sometimes live in a strange mix of both, where my actions are often governed more by the fear of what other people will think of what I do and feeling guilty about that, rather than living by the Word of God and the actual impact of my actions. This sometimes makes it difficult to honour people, because we’re so worried about “saving face” (our own) that it feels like honouring someone else is “losing face”.

A worship leader is often placed in a position of honour; even if we are not, we expect that we should be. Why? Because we are “gifted”. Like the music world, we demand that people honour us for our talents, turning from the humble servant-leader into a diva. Instead of honouring our team for their commitment to the worship team, we demand that they do things our way and work things to fit our desires and haphazard ideas, refusing to listen to their expertise. Honouring others doesn’t mean that you give up leadership - it means that you regard them for the skills and talents that they bring to the team and listen to what they say. If my band leader says it’s not going to work musically, I trust that he knows what he’s saying (because I barely passed my music theory anyway). That’s why they’re on the team - because they have skills that you don’t.

Similarly, we need to honour the people that have been put over us: the Senior Pastor; the Worship Pastor; the pastor who gives a lot of comments but doesn’t seem to know much about music. They are there by God’s authority for His reasons and purposes, even if you don’t agree with half the things they say or do. They are there because they are gifted in what they do - which is different from what you’ve been gifted to do. Honour them - and trust that when they speak to you on matters you think you know better about, it’s because they believe God has something to say to you.


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