Thursday 14 April 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Listen

One very, very, very, very important part of worship leading - or of being in the worship team actually - is listening.

First of all, you listen to God. You listen to what He has to say to the people. You listen to His heart for you and for your church. You listen because you want to know what He wants you to do and sing this weekend.

You also listen to your pastor. You listen to his vision and direction for the church. You listen to his preaching and the things God is saying to the church through him. You listen to his decisions - and hopefully the reasons behind them. You listen because you want to align yourself and your ministry with the vision and direction of your church.

You listen to new songs. You listen to the lyrics and what they say about God and the church. You listen to what they are proclaiming over your church, your city, and your nation. You listen to how other bands build in worship, to the ebb and flow, to the melodies and harmonies, to the rhythm and beat. You listen because you want to continually increase your team’s repertoire and to grow in your craft.

You listen to your band. You listen to how they’re playing. You listen to what they’re playing. You listen to the things they’re saying about what is (or isn’t) working out. You listen to the music they’re creating. You listen because you want flow with them - and you want them to flow with you - in worship.

You listen to your vocalists. You listen to what they sing and when they sing it. You listen when they sing in the Spirit, when they flow in free worship. You listen to the harmonies they create, and you listen when they do not sing. You listen because you work as a team, enhancing each other as you lead the congregation into God’s presence together.

You listen because in listening there is unity.


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