Saturday 16 April 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Name

All throughout the Old Testament, God has been gradually revealing Himself, accumulating Names to Himself like people accumulate wealth (or try to). It’s a fantasy trope that knowing a person or creature’s true name gives you insight to who (or what) they really are, thereby giving you power over them. Like I said, that’s fantasy, and a trope, but what’s true about it is that the Names of God reveal who He is, just as the way we label ourselves reveals much about how we view ourselves.

Our God is the Creator, the Redeemer, Saviour, Abba Father, El Shaddai, El Elohim, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Jireh, and many others. Each of these names mean something. They were revealed at specific times, in specific events or narratives, revealing another aspect of God, another view of the nature of God that was relevant — and important — at the time. The more you read your Bible, the more you discover who He is and His many names. The question isn’t about learning all the names of God, or memorising them, or using them as a badge of honour. Anyone can do that.

The main thing is knowing who He is to you. How has He revealed Himself to you this week? Has He been your provider? Has He been your healer? Has He been your support and strength? These things inform and direct your worship. You’re not coming before an idol to worship in fear. You’re coming before the living God who knows you and wants to be known by you. You’re building on your relationship with the One who loves you. You’re not singing your songs into the void.

Knowing His Name helps you process who He is, and what He really means to you. And you bring this revelation to others in your song and words as you bring them into His presence with you. A constant revelation of God refreshes your worship, it moves you forward, it draws you further in, providing you also the ability to bring your church one step closer to God.


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