Thursday 21 April 2016

#AtoZChallenge: Rest

The thing with all this doing is that it’s doing. It’s busy work. It’s working and striving and perfecting and honing and just doing a lot of stuff. Which is necessary. Which is good. Which is what we’re meant to do. We’re meant to work. We’re meant to create. We’re meant to be active.

But it is also good to rest. God commanded the Sabbath and we remember that yeah, we’re supposed to rest at least one day a week, but most times we don’t. It’s not built into our lives, like it was for the Israelites. I mean, especially when you’re leading worship on the weekend, that results in 5 days of the day job, and maybe a 1/2 day work on Saturday (depending on your job), and then it’s practice in church, usually on a Saturday and then service on the Sunday (or both days, if you’re in a church like mine), and then Sunday is kind of when you need to hang out with family and friends or you have social appointments and the like.

Which is all very restful for an extrovert, I’m sure, but an additional stress for an introvert. Either way, extroverted or introverted, that’s not really translated into physical rest either - or even mental rest. And because of our culture of busyness, every time we sit down and decide to take an afternoon nap (even on a Sunday!) or we decide that we need to hide away for a while and take a break, we feel guilty about it. We feel as if we shouldn’t deprive others of our presence or our talents, as if we shouldn’t mess up other people’s schedules since someone would have to cover for us (especially when there are already limited volunteers), as if we do not have a right to rest when it was commanded.

Do what you need to do, seriously, but don’t forget the need to take time off and rest. Recharge your batteries. So that you have all you need to get going again.


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  1. I think the world needs to slow down so people can stop and rest. We're so focused on being busy all the time and we wear ourselves out.