Friday 5 April 2019

#AtoZChallenge: Eglantine Rose, Eleanthus Orchid

It wasn’t quite the war of the roses, although it did involve a rose.

Emily wanted to deck the halls with the Eglantine Rose whilst Edward insisted that the Eleanthus Orchid would really make the place stand out. They argued all the way to the florist and all the way back, each adamant that their choice was the better one. It didn’t help that the florist said they could get both flowers if needed. Neither Emily nor Edward cared about the cost so they didn’t even look at the prices. All they cared about was that they got their own way.

Emily started a campaign amongst the girls in favour of the rose, playing up how beautiful and fragrant the pink flowers were—and also how healthy and economical. Once they were done with the flowers, they could make tea from the rose hips, which were full of vitamin A and C and other very helpful nutrients. “Besides, they’re roses,” she said to cinch the deal, “and roses are so romantic.”

Within hours, Edward started his own campaign amongst the guys for the orchid on the basis that they were rare and exotic and would therefore increase the status of the event. The girls would like them because they were pink, but they would also appreciate them more because they weren’t as common as roses, which showed how much effort they’d made.

It came down to a vote.

“Roses are classic,” Emily said.

“Orchids are special,” Edward replied.

The prom committee decided that flowers were overrated, expensive, and messy. They voted instead for LED fairy lights which could be reused from the school’s Christmas decorations.


Today's suggestions were:

  • eglantine, from Barbara Harrison
  • eleanthus, from Andrea Stoeckel
  • education/elevation/election/encourage/environment, from Cherie Osier
  • emu/echidna, from Sharna Steinert

I wanted to use Eleanthus, but there wasn't much about it online, so I figured since Eglantine was also a flower, I'd just use both.

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