Tuesday 9 April 2019

#AtoZChallenge: Hermeneutical

Theirs was a friendship built on enmity, founded on hermeneutical arguments that led only to agreements to disagree. They were people of the Word, yes, but words were flimsy and open to interpretation, the way people used the Bible both to justify and condemn slavery.

She believed in the Living Spirit, in the miracle of the now. God was moving and alive, making all things new. Life was lived in the present, with fresh anointing for each new day, each new season. Revival was within grasp, redemption purchased daily, mercy upon mercy, grace upon grace.

He believed in the Resurrection, works done in the past sealed for all eternity. God moved, He spoke, but the age of miracles had passed. Life was lived in the present, yet once anointed, forever anointed. What for revival when your faith and future was already assured? Redemption once accepted was yours forever.

Who was right and who was wrong? None could say. Still they sparred, from ten to thirty, decades ticking by word by word, argument by argument. They lived and loved, but still returned to that one question neither could fully answer to the other’s satisfaction:

What was the unforgiveable sin? For did God not forgive and redeem all things?


Today's suggestions were:

  • hedgehogs, from Barbara Harrison
  • honeybee, from Andrea Stoeckel
  • honeymoon/heartfelt/hallowed/holy, from Cherie Osier
  • hermeneutical, from Z
Hermeneutical is all Z's fault. I tried. Sorry.

I'm also woefully under target wordcount, so I'll try to write longer pieces for the next few. 


  1. That's a difficult word but you made it work!

    1. Lol. I had to rewrite it a few times. =.=

  2. Anna,

    Thank you for stopping by my little niche in Blogosphere. I'm unsure what your theme is for the A to Z Challenge but I have to answer the unforgiveable sin is not accepting Jesus as your Savior. The Bible teaches us that noone can come to the Father except through Jesus. We have to seek redemption before forgiveness can be given and the only way to do that is through Jesus. I'm sure you know this but posing the question for your readers to ponder. Happy a2zing!

    Catch my latest art sketch in this month's A2Z Challenge. My theme is The Little Mermaid and today's feature is H is for 'HAMMERHEAD' shark!

    1. My theme is flash fiction, using words suggested by my online friends! It isn't supposed to be deeply theological though the word had a theological theme.

  3. I really enjoyed this. It is possible to live in harmony while not precisely agreeing on every tenet of the faith. Even a shared faith. I'll be back. Found you through AtoZ.

    Doesn't Speak Klingon

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Red! See you around :)